One-on-one coaching to help success-minded individuals create the future they desire in all areas of their life.



Interactive workshops where participants learn new information; validate and enhance learning with hands-on exercises; and walk away with an action plan and tools for immediate implementation.


New ideas, improved processes, products, services, technologies, or business models that lead to better solutions. Innovation is creativity in action.



“Gornie is a great coach, and I would recommend him to those who want to thoughtfully prepare strategies and assess strengths and weaknesses.” – Bryan Craig, President and CEO

Keath Storm

“Gornie has a genuine passion for coaching people to identify and live their God given purpose in life. After spending just a few minutes with him, you clearly understand that he is not only an expert in his field, but he genuinely loves and cares about his clients.” – Keath Storm, Partner & COO

Stephan Britt Sr.

“I was struggling to achieve balance between family life and my multiple business ventures. Gornie spent time with me looking at my life as a whole, and we developed a system to focus my energy on what matters most. I look forward to our regular meetings as he helps me be accountable to achieving my dreams.” – Stephan Britt Sr., Entrepreneur

Greg McCann

“Gornie was an extremely valuable asset to helping me establish a vision. In addition he provided me with truths that helped inspire me to take the leap. That leap was two years ago, and although there has been challenges along the way, I am very grateful I did it. Thank you Gornie!” – Greg McCann, Executive Director

Jerry Pykiet

“Gornie will earn your trust with his wisdom, loyalty, and generosity. It was becoming a struggle to figure out my next steps in building my consulting firm. Gornie, patiently developed a personal and professional vision and mission statement. Most importantly, he found creative ways to dissect my mission and vision into relevant action steps that quickly changed my approach on life and business. It was like a cold, dark fog was lifted and I could see a warm, bright future for my business and my family. You will see results quickly with Gornie. I would recommend him to anyone that is wanting to get twice as much out of life.” – Jerry Pykiet, Owner

Brad Post

“Gornie works with excellence and is very personable and a pleasure to work with. He is very inspirational, pays high attention to detail and I look forward to being a long term friend of his.” – Brad Post, President and Co-Founder

Jennifer Cook

“Gornie lead our workshop with enthusiasm and insight into how individuals and team operate. Every student said he was their favorite class leader.” – Jennifer Cook, President and CEO


Gornie is a decorated veteran and an award winning leader who has led teams, both nationally and internationally, in a variety of environments including: academic, corporate, military and non-profit. Gornie travels the country coaching, consulting, and facilitating interactive workshops on how to implement the key principles that lead to success in the classroom, in business and in life.

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